Talking Points

- NeuroFlow is free for you!
- You can earn points for gift cards - the more you do, the more points you can get for gift
cards to Target, Walmart, Amazon, Starbucks.
- This is another way for your provider to know how you’re doing when you’re at home
versus just when you’re at the office.
- You can complete simple self-care activities like breathing exercises, journaling, or audio
guides to stay engaged with your overall wellness whenever, wherever you are
- You can track your mood, sleep, and pain daily so that we can assess how you’re feeling
and what might be affecting you.
- NeuroFlow has a lot of other resources and activities for you for your overall mental
health, which goes hand in hand with your physical health.



Patient Education
We’re using a new tool that allows us to ensure our treatments and procedures help patients
feel better, faster. The app is called NeuroFlow, it’s super patient-friendly, and allows your
provider to see how you're feeling in between appointments. Patients using NeuroFlow see an
improvement in symptoms and feel more connected to their Provider.


NeuroFlow lets you track parts of your health, like your daily steps, how you’re sleeping, feeling,
pain levels, or how you might be feeling after your procedures, etc. You can also do some
guided breathing, journals, videos, etc. This allows the Providers to stay informed about your
progress and adjust your care when you’re in the office.


You're going to get a text message/email in a moment asking you to download NeuroFlow.
Please go ahead and complete the steps to register now so that I can walk you through it to get
you started.